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I don’t know about you, but I just can’t seem to get enough of mini desserts! I love to incorporate bite-sized sweets into client’s event menus.  With so many different styles and tastes, the sweet mini is sure to be a palate pleaser.

Mini sweets are such a fun way for a couple to share their favorite desserts with their guests.  By offering a variety of sweets, you are giving your guests a taste of something sweet without exhausting their appetite for wedding cake. As a versatile addition to any event menu, mini desserts compliment even the grandest of cakes and work equally as well as part of a dessert bar or as passed late night dance floor sugary treats.
Enjoy the gallery below of some of my sweet mini faves! 

You can’t go wrong with The Classics.
Assorted mini cookies & mini brownies
Great summertime wedding ‘Sweet Treats’.
mini pies, mini pie pops & mini fruit tarts
(Photo credits clockwise: Not So Humble Pie
Melt in your mouth ice cream treats.
mini ice cream cones & ice cream sandwiches
  (Photo credits clockwise: Annie Eats, Womans Day, Pinterest, Martha Stewart Weddings )

Mini Cupcakes!

Mini Milkshakes are always a crowd pleaser!
(Photo credits clockwise:, Party Perfect Blog, ) 
Mini Wedding Cakes, Cake Pops & Mini Cake Bites are a great option
if you opt out of the traditional wedding cake.
Soyummy and something for every color scheme
When the party continues into the morning hours, I love the idea of 
serving up some mini breakfast goodies to your guests. 
Mini Pancake, Mini Waffles, & Mini Donuts
It is always fun to send your guests home 
with a little late night snack or mini breakfast!
“To go” Donuts are a supercute favor!
(Photo credit: Shauna Younge )  
And that is just a taste of what you can do with mini desserts. 
So…what is your favorite sweet mini?
Comments (1)
  1. Anonymous

    Love the idea, and you can enjoy a “sweet treat” without expanding the waist line.


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